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Silk Collections


Many women in Surin have collections of silk that are significant to them in numerous ways. They consider some of the fabrics to be part of their moradok (มรดก), or heritage, as they have been passed down through generations, carrying with them stories and patterns from mothers, grandmothers, and beyond. Other silks may have been woven by the women themselves or received as special gifts. The silks in these collections are also used in various ways: some collections are passed down to daughters or female relatives; pieces of silk are carefully selected as gifts or as offerings in rap wai marriage rituals; and silks can be sold in times of hardship when money can’t be obtained in any other way. Of course, part of the appeal of collecting is in simply possessing a group of items; being able to touch them and admire them and recognize them as your own. When these items that are imbued with deep personal meanings and attachments are given as gifts, the exchange is not only material but also emotional, and hinges upon the receiver’s recognition of the object as more than an object.